Sound Forms


Evan Johnston

Final project

Cole Krivak and 2 OthersTeo Sadowski
Madi Fortune

Music is something nearly everyone enjoys, but we sought to understand exactly how the patterns  and rhythmic relationships are created. With this marble and bucket project, we have the ability to visually show a beat and how it fluctuates.  This will demonstrate how simple sounds can be used to create rhythmic patterns mechanically, both visually and sonically. 


Lalita Bellach
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Isa Murray

Project description: This project is a visualization engine designed in Unity. The application uses noise and box-marching functions to create a three-dimensional object based on an audio file or microphone input. The project will allow music producers to bond and enjoy their work in different ways. Also, it allows people who cannot enjoy music as a waveform to enjoy it as a visual performance.

Emoto-Board (Downloaded)

Trevor McDonald and Kody White
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This project focuses on helping people connect with emotions through sounds. Whether they are having a bad day, or feel like they can’t quite work across, this box has several sounds to help describe and understand emotion. We realized that often people can’t explain too well to other people how they are feeling, and often thinking about things from the other side of the mirror helps! Although these sounds are small, and short, and can merely be triggered by pressing a simple button, if it relates to someone directly it can have a big impact on their day. 


Will Fosnot


Will Fosnot

This project uses a scene from the movie jaws to make an immersive experience including all 5 senses. This will create a place for you to experience the movie through every isolated sense.  


Will Fosnot

Video Showcase

Kody White


Kody White