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Harper Mills

Today we shifted gears a little bit (pun intended). Matt luckily finished the construction of the body last night so the only thing left to do (for the body) were the electronics. Patrick and fellow intern Graeme worked on that part while the rest of us, under the guidance of fashion coach Tess, worked on fabricating some accessories. This started with a "How To" on using the sewing machine. Students practiced sewing straight lines and turning corners on recycled fabrics. Once they were comfortable with this they started brainstorming different animals or creatures they wanted to sculpt using their newly acquired sewing skills. Tess encouraged them to think outlandishly: make a rabbit Viking princess, a countess mermaid astronaut, the more creative your character is the more creative your sewing and crafting will be. It should be noted that these stuffed toys are relatively unrelated to the original toy/robot. 

After Anna and Felipe came up with their ideas for their characters (a Tasmanian devil-tiger hybrid ninja and a magical panda tailor) they sketched them out and made notes about dimensions, texture and other specifics. Then, with the help of Tess, cut out patterns that they cut and sewed together to create their toy. After some intense stuffing and some additional accessories they both created stuffed creatures that, if I were younger, I would keep with me for a lifetime. Great job guys!

Check out the pics:)