Futuristic Musical Instruments

futuristic instruments

Pianos, guitars, and violins have been around for the longest time, and have proven to be highly capable instruments. However, each of those conventional instruments poses a few limitations. For example, guitars provide good note expression, and are easily portable, but they quickly go out of tune. Pianos are relatively easy to learn and don't go out of tune very often, but are heavy and not portable. Similarly, bowed strings allow control of loudness, pitch, and timbre over a note's duration, but are hard to learn, and allow a maximum of only two notes to be played at one time.

This studio allows students to explore new techniques and concepts for futuristic methods of music composition. Students will create and develop high-tech musical instruments, and design user interfaces that are suitable for both professional musicians and amateur music-lovers. The students' inventions will deviate from mechanical sound generation used in conventional instruments, and will instead utilize high-tech sensor interfaces and digital music.