Teresa Lourie
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My project is a stop motion video showing a small wooden robot being built. The design moves through the different steps of creation and eventually becomes a fully functional model. I was inspired by range of stop motion movies and videos. 

My first decision was that I wanted my video to include real objects instead of just drawings or just computer animations (though my final product included drawn animation.) I also decided I wanted to show the process of making something by following the basic steps a student takes to complete a project. It starts with an idea, turns into to a thought-out design, and eventually gets put together with physical material. I thought I could show these stages while also adding a little bit of surrealism using stop motion. 

My first shoot was of the drawing animation. This shoot did not go well for many reasons, including a shaky tripod, drastic changes in lighting, and unintentional moving objects. For my second shoot I changed to a metal tripod, moved to the shop, and cleared everything out of the frame before shooting. This resulted in a better product. 

After shooting each scene I strung them together in after affects and added music. 


Teresa Lourie