Abi Tenenbaum

Our film is an amalgamation of cinema-graphs. Our theme was growth; we chose to begin with an ant, and from there our subject grew physically until it reached space. The objective of a cinemagraph is to highlight small yet significant motion in a still frame. Consequently we chose to focus on minute detail in both small and large subjects. Furthermore we chose Asceding as a tittle to introduce the concept that our film explored.


Abi Tenenbaum
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In the first few days of this studio we learned how to make cimegraphs and how to take good pictures/videos. We learned about lighting and compostion, as well as some basic After Effects. We decided that our final cinemagraphs would be compiled into a movie, and not shown as a series. Becaue of this we needed to brainstorm how to tie the whole thing together and draw a connection between the individual scenes. After much thought, we settled on creating a movie ascending to greatness. Starting with an ant and going all the way up into space would help the viewers see that the world is gigantic and that they are like ants relative to outer space and the universe. We went around the Boston area filming things big and small to compile into one final interesting and moving video.

What Is A Cinemagraph?

Sophia Friedfertig and Abi Tenenbaum

A cinemagraph is a sort of mix between a movie and a photo and it brings out the best in both. A cinemagraph is a looping scene or action where one thing is moving and everything else is frozen. This helps attract people's attention to something they may not have previously noticed. It brings the scene alive, defines new limits to explore, and creates a new dimension for your imagination to roam free in.