Humans of Cambridge

Why Humans of Cambridge?

Micaela Pierce
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We chose to make a series of cinemagraphs that had to do with the people of Cambridge. As we walked around taking videos for the movie portion of our project we realized that there are so many different interesting people around Cambridge and decided that capturing them would make for great cinemagraphs. The reason taking videos of the people in Cambridge was so great is because there’s so much diversity and there are constantly activities going on. When we started taking videos of people we didn’t always capture the best moments. By the end of the studio we were finding great moments that would be hard to capture in just a picture. This is the beauty of a cinemagraph. We came to the  realization that cinemagraphs can capture the beauty of a picture and video and put them into one. After going out so many times we noticed that we were able to judge what would make for a good cinemagraph and what would make for a cinemagraph that would make for an okay one. Choosing People of Cambridge made for an amazing series of Cinemagraphs that really capture what the city is all about.


Humans Of Cambridge

Sophia Friedfertig
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