Presentation Slides + Brief

Nadine Zaza



Zoe White

Urban Soundsuits: A sort of tent for the houses along the Black heritage Trail that is simular to a termite tent. It has bright fur, drawings, wind instruments, and other objects covering it to create a bright and loud amalgamation of sound and color. 

The Black Heritage Trail is underrepresented, and this project aims to change that. The Freedom Trail overshadows the Black Heritage Trail. This project will help bring more people to the trail to discover the history of Boston through other eyes. The purpose of the tent is a symbolic way of talking about how the history has been covered up and forgotten. These houses have so much importance to the black community in Boston but they are not celebrated. The artist focus was Nick Cave, so each takes takes inspiration from a different one of his Soundsuits, making each house unique but connected to the same source. They also take inspiration from Cave's unique work outside of the Soundsuits, that are more like sculptures instead of wearable objects.