Boston Gondola Project

Designs almost finished

Daniel Alper

Last friday, 

I scaled all the images, and finished up the cable car designs. At the end I finished a rough draft of the building, and made floor layouts. Today i will finish up the tower model, and floor layouts.

Map One - Finished

Kathryn Chinetti

This is a standard T Map, reimagined by some NuVu students from last year that we have now added our cable car line onto. 

The purple and new blue are the lines we've added, and the gold is the green line that we're replacing with cable car. 


The purple goes to: Kenmore, The Common, Children's Museum, Aquarium/Fanneuil Hall, Science Museum. 

The New Blue Line goes to: Central, Kenmore and MFA. 


We are considering cutting some stops on the gold line. 

Continuing the tower design

Daniel Alper

Today, I worked all day on the tower design. I built the floor plans on rhino, and began building the 3D model. The floor plans really helped me set up the 3D design. Some changes today, were the spiral staircase around the middle, the new oval shaped elevator, and the plan of making the structure thinner closer to the top(then larger for the top two floors). Tommarow I will hopefully finish the towers design.