Ethan Donaldson

Earth Infrastructure is a play-area project that uses a piece of the sites history to engage children in different kinds of mental and physical play. Using pipes carrying water, sound, and other entities, the kids will have an experience reminiscent of when Danehy Park was an industrial area.

The concept of Earth Infrastructure covers the initial ideas of uncovering the earth of the site and using pipes for various creative applications. Coring out a piece of earth and 'potting' it was difficult because we needed some watering method to keep the grass alive. To solve this without being costly or technical, we considered gravitational irrigation. Transparent PVC pipes carrying the water supply will draw kids attention through the park, while at the same time serving as an attractive, low pressure irrigation. Incorporating the watering method and the aesthetic rules of Earth Infrastructure, we then designed a series of interconnected benches and planters made of pipes to be placed incrementally around the park. Steel is an excellent medium for transporting sound, and stays true to the theme of industry. Using this steel piping and conical sound catchers on different sides of the park and in sitting areas serves those who are differently abled and those not engaged in active play. Also kids watching water flow down from the top can send messages from their sitting position. Concepts for trampolines, sculptural fountains, and speaking connections were also developed for more general use. Using the principal of making rushing water active and enjoyable to watch makes for an experience that's much different from a standard playground experience while maintaining climb ability and physical action. Using these two applications, kids learn about the use of pipes and connected infrastructures.