Final Post

Phoebe Petryk and Benjamin Lewis

Problem: A large percent of people suffering with CP struggle with keeping their neck stable so it flops to the side. To fix this uncomfortable and frusturating problem, we created a neck support piece that is both lightweight and comfortable and can offer support for the neck while still giving the neck full range of motion. 

Why it is unique: A common problem when wearing a neck brace or support piece, like this is that it stands out and can cause self consciousness when out in public. To help camoflauge the obviousness of the neck piece, we designed a piece that attatches to the top of the neck rod that sits along the back of the neck. This piece allows you to attatch snap backs, baseball caps, and just about any other head apparel you could think of. 

What it does: This neck support piece lays gently on your shoulders and uses a thin piece of sturdy wood that lays against the neck and up along the lower section of the head to provide support.

Our finished product worked well and was comfortable, If we were to continue with this project we would look into finding ways to make it fit to other kinds of hats, and find a way to make it a little more comfortable.