Arrow Catch VR Screen Record

Malachi Harris


pierre Belizaire and Malachi Harris


Arrow Catch is a virtual reality game with the goal to catch arrows by depending on an individual's visual or hearing ability. The audio in this game is panned spatially, allowing people with or without visual impairments to enjoy the game. Arrow Catch was inspired by the students of the Perkins School for the blind. Due to the fact that most of the students who attend this school are visually impaired, the students heavily rely on audio to have great gaming experience. Students at the Perkins school expressed frustrations and the limitations of mainstream video games. Arrow Catch was designed to allow the user to know the direction of the arrows based on sound, making it possible for a user to hear when an arrow is coming near. The user can then catch the arrow based on its proximity. 

Arrow Catch was created by two different software programs called Rhinoceros which was used to make sharp, precise, and scaled objects for the game. Lastly, Unity was used for coding the objects, adding sounds and bringing everything into playing motion.