Thinking Sideways


Jamie Pickar

Thinking Sideways is a game that attempts to convey the frustration of having ADHD in a traditional classroom. It does this by having the user try to solve a maze while remembering colors that come up on the screen. Most who do not have ADHD do not understand what those who have it experience.  This makes it difficult for these two groups of people to work together. Thinking sideways attempts to bridge that gap by giving a person without ADHD the emotional experience of someone with ADHD trying to complete an assignment. The confusing maze that is difficult to use is supposed to represent the many paths ways one could go about completing a task, but most of the time I have been forced to organize my work ways that are time-consuming, frustrating and untimely unhelpful. After completing the maze, the user must input the colors that appear. This is to represent that when I involve all the thinking I'm thinking about I tends to have better ideas. It is also to simulate the frustration of not knowing what needs to be on an assignment and organize in advance.

Project Board

Jamie Pickar
Project Board-01.png