Weekly Blog Post

Jiyoo Jye and Yue Chelsea Qiu

The purpose of this post is to synthesize and document your progress from this week.This is not merely a report of what you’ve done but an analysis of your work culminating in a clear statement of your direction for the project. You must include todays documentation in this post. 

  • Documentation of Intro Exercise (1 precedent image + 1 documentation photo)
  • Pick your favorite quote from one of the readings and include 1 related image
  • Provide 1 conceptual and 1 technical precedent for your core theme (include captions for your images)
  • Provide the third precedent from your annotated bibliography; explain how it supports the claim of your choice
  • Write a project description to describe the Soul and Body of your monument. Include preliminary sketches.
This weekly blog post to your team projects folder is due by 9am, April 16.