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Julia Sneddon

Panic Relief Device

Kata Khakali and Julia Sneddon
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Kata Khakali

Panic Relief Device: A device that provides temporary relief of panic attacks by stimulating nerve endings under one's eye by means of tubing filled with circulating cold water.

A panic attack is the experience of severe feelings of anxiety and fear when there is no real danger around. Panic attacks can last up to thirty minutes but usually, are most intense during the first ten or fifteen minutes.  About six million people in the U.S. suffer from a panic disorder that involves panic attacks. Panic disorders can never be fully cured, but there are methods to help decrease symptoms. The Panic Relief Device is a mask that uses tubing, the comfort of silicon, and the coolness of water to help calm the wearer of the device during panic attacks.  

The base of the mask is a silicon mold that provides flexibility in order to adapt to any face. Tubing embedded within the mold maintains contact with the skin. After the mask is put on, a water pump is placed into icy water and causes the water to circulate through the tubing. When the nerve endings below your eyes are stimulated with coldness, the peripheral nervous system responds to the shock by releasing the feeling of calm throughout the body. Panic Relief Device is an efficient device making use of noninvasive and natural methods to reduce the symptoms of a panic attack.  

Julia Sneddon

Panic Relief Device: A silicone face device that gives relief to panic attacks using cold water on a facial nerve ending.

Panic Relief Device gives instant relief of panic attacks as it shocks the peripheral nervous system which leads to other physiological effects such as lowered heart rate and lowered blood pressure. The device is a silicone mask with plastic tubing running through the mask. The mask is fastened with elastic straps that attach via velcro on the back of the head. The tubing runs down the mask and is attached to a water pump which stays in a box full of water. This project helps those who are affected by panic attacks. It provides a technologically advanced way of subduing panic attacks when they occur. 

Panic attacks are sudden feelings of intense fear that include symptoms of shaking, sweating, shortness of breath, numbness, and chest pounding. For many panic attacks can hinder daily life. Around 40 million adults suffer from panic attacks in America, and this product is designed to help those suffering. This product works through the effects of cold water. Ice cold water is stored in a plastic box that the user can place on a table. The box contains a water pump which sends cold water through plastic tubing that is wired throughout the mask in a curvy design. The design of the tubing allows for maximum surface area to be affected by the cold area, accelerating the calming effects. The user can strap the silicone mask sing velcro fasteners at the back of the head. Once fastened, the user can turn the device on, and feel immediate relief.