Ride or Die

Nicole Kelly-Aglio and Aaron Javaheri


Ride or Die: A racing video game operated by a 3D printed steering wheel with a potentiometer to mimic real-life driving. 

Ride or Die is a racing video game created in Unity. The 3D printed steering wheel includes an attached potentiometer for maximum range of motion. On the inside of the controller, there is an Arduino and 4 buttons. The buttons are for the minus gear, the plus gear, power-ups/boosts, and starting/pausing the game. The project initially started with a goal to create both a game and controller for a specific person with a disability. Ride or Die is an adaptive gaming set used to spark future ideas for those who want to help everyone fully immerse themselves in gaming.


Ride or Die: A game and controller that is easy to use and fun to play. The controller has adaptive buttons that help the driver fully experience the game.

Our project is an adaptive game and controller that exists to make driving games easier for those that find them difficult to play. We made the controller by 3d printing the shell that would house the Arduino and a base made out of laser cut wood and a PVC pipe that the wires for the potentiometer could go through. The game was construed in unity by using obj's and other rendering files.