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  • As the Superhero MasterBuilder was walking down the street, paparazzi were bombarding him with questions, “What food did he eat? What was his secret identity? Where did he live? Who will he fight next?” and many more. One question stuck out to MasterBuilder: How did this all start? When MasterBuilder arrived home, he sat down and decided to write a book about his past and how he became The Master Builder in the first place.
    MasterBuilder was born as Kevin Brown in Concord, Massachusetts to parents named Bonnie and Mike Brown. He was an ordinary baby until he got introduced to LEGOs. When Kevin was young, his older brother, Andrew, got a lego set. No matter how long  Andrew worked to finish the lego set, he couldn’t. Later that day when Andrew took a quick break from building, Kevin swooped in and finished the lego set in record speed. As soon as he finished,  Kevin’s eyes lit up like a rainbow-colored LED, his body started floating up into the air, and he started to hear voices coming from up above. The gods started speaking to him. He looked up and saw old men floating above him.
    “You are special, young one,” a god said.
    “One day you will save the world” another god wearing blue proclaimed.
    Then, all the gods chanted in unison, “You will rise above your mortal body and save yours and many other worlds over and over.”
    With this chant all of the gods disappeared, and Kevin floated back down to the floor. Kevin was still young when this happened so he had no idea what any of it meant.
    When he started getting older, he started realizing he must live up to the proclamation of the gods to save the world. The more Kevin started realizing his powers, the more danger he got himself in. In the span of three years, Kevin injured his skull three times. The first time, he was five and he was jumping on a couch when he fell and hit his head on the coffee table. When this happened the gods descended upon him.
    “What have you done?!” A god boomed
    “You can't destroy your mortal vessel just yet!” Another god wearing a pink toga exclaimed.
    Then all together the gods scolded Kevin, “You have to wait until you are ready to become a hero before destroying your mortal body” and just like that they disappeared.
    Just a year later when Kevin was six, he fell out of the window of his room and cracked his skull. Once more, the gods descended upon him.
    “How could you?” a god yelled in anger.
    “Yes, especially after we specifically told you to be careful,” another god wearing yellow calmly explained.
    Then all together, the gods told Kevin a grave warning: “Do not call upon us again UNTIL you are ready to save the world!” Just like that, the gods disappeared once more.
    Everything was going smoothly until an eight-year-old Kevin hit his head on the arm of a chair and broke his skull for the third time. The gods descended on Kevin for the fourth time in his short eight-year-old life.
    “Do you know how hard it is to come down for us?” a god asked Kevin
    “N-n-n-o” Kevin answered to the gods for the first time in his life.
    “Very hard, young man,” a god wearing purple sandals exclaimed.
    The gods start waving their arms and chanting in unison “We are casting a spell on you so that you can never get fatal injuries UNTIL you are ready for greatness...” And that was when the god disappeared from Kevin's life for the last time.
    “What greatness,” Kevin thought. He did not yet fully understand his fate.
    As Kevin continued to grow, he became more interested in Legos. In fact, he got so interested and invested he had a shelf in his room that displayed all his creations. At age 11, Kevin entered  Ephraim Curtis Middle School. At school, his experiences were anything but good. In fact, he hated the school so much that when Kevin was 14, he left and enrolled in an innovation school called NuVu Studio. At this school, he finally felt like he belonged. His first studio was Alive(n). Here, he was tasked to create a robot which elicits a specific emotion when interacted with. Kevin created a robot dog that waved its tail when you gave it a fake treat. After this studio, Kevin made lots of different projects but the dog project remained his favorite.
    After being at NuVu for a year Kevin decided to merge his love of Legos and his passion for creating, to build something that would change the world. Kevin sets up his workspace there were power tools everywhere. He toiled away day and night until one day, everyone at NuVu heard him scream.
    “AHAH!” “I have done it I have created an indestructible Lego!” Kevin cheered. Kevin proceeded to create a lego dispenser called L.E.D. That allowed him, to build anything his mind could think of on an iPad, and then transfer the blueprints for  L.E.D to build at superspeed for him.  Later that day when Kevin went home, he had no idea what he would with this new technology he created. While he was stressing out, his brother came up to Kevin
     “Hey, Kev want to watch Iron Man with me?” Andrew asked
    “Sure, why not,” Kevin answered not too enthusiastically
    While watching Iron Man Kevin realized that he could use his new invention to become a superhero and rid Boston, and the world of injustice. The next day when Kevin came back to Nuvu, he started trying to create a super suit, but since he struggled with sewing he gave up and just decided to wear a hoodie, some pants, and boots. That night Kevin put all the indestructible Legos into L.E.D and strapped L.E.D onto his back. He walked around the streets of Boston but couldn’t find any crime or trouble. He walked into an alleyway to take a break from searching when he heard gunshots. At first, Kevin started running away from the gunshots but then he realizes he has to investigate, after all, he wants to help the world. He turned around and saw a hooded figure holding a gun up to someone's head. Kevin quickly modeled himself a gun on his IPad and L.E.D builds it for him.
    “Gun down!” Kevin yelled pointing his own gun at the criminal, hands shaking.
    “Who are you?” The criminal yelled back dropping the hostage and pointing the gun at Kevin.
    “Me? I'm a nobody” Kevin answers trying to distract the criminal while quickly modeling a cage to trap him.
    “What are you doing here!?” The criminal yells furiously, waving his hands around
    “Reporting you to the police” Kevin answers while L.E.D constructs a cage around the criminal.
    “LET ME GO” The criminal yelled shooting his gun at the bars wildly. The bullets reflect back onto the criminal and hit him in the foot. Kevin called the police to tell them where he is. The police come to pick up the criminal.
    “Thank you, Mr..?”
    “Mr.Masterbuilder” Kevin answered
    “Well, thank you,” The policeman says while patting Kevin's shoulder. As soon as the policeman leave Kevin felt a sensation he hadn’t felt in a while. The gods descended upon Kevin again.
    “You have done well, young man,” A god said with awe in his voice
    “Yes, we never expected you to do this well,” a god wearing black sunglasses said congratulating Kevin. Then in unison gods tell Kevin
    “We will now leave this world allowing you to become The Lego God, whenever you want to abandon your mortal body” after this moment Kevin goes on to save Boston many times over, and in no time Kevin transformed into the hero Masterbuilder he is today. 


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