Pressure To Be Fast

Jakob Sperry

Pressure to be fast uses real footage from a high-pressure event and narration to evoke thought about internal pressure. 

This film uses footage from my past bike trip, images of my grandfather and videos of my father and I working. The combination of these shots and a narration engages the idea of internal pressure and how it affects people. Using Adobe primmer I assembled my film and slowed down the shots to create a tone of reflection. The film's purpose is to share a story about my experience and allow people to reflect on their own internalized pressure. The shots were mostly filmed last summer on my bike trip. In addition, I decided to frame my shots head-on, putting either my dad or myself at the center of attention. These shots do not distract from the rest of the film because they are more bland and flat. My film jumps back and forth between my bike trip and my family. I think this develops the story by slowly adding more to why it is important.