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Evan Teperman

The Aqua wagon

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Nico Love

The Aqua Wagon was created in order to provide people in Central Square with a mobile method of growing and harvesting diverse plants and herbs. The Aqua Wagon can be transported away from shady sections of Boston to areas with higher sunlight to increase the speed and efficiency of plant growth. The produce is grown relying on an aquaponics system, which uses organisms like fish and shrimp to transfer energy to the plants. In turn, the plants are grown through a continuous cycle of water and nutrients, resulting in the plants growing at a fast and consistent rate.

Although there are many food carts stationed in Cambridge, the Aqua Wagon's function and design separates it from the rest. The cart rolls on two wheels and moves by pushing a wagon-like handlebar in the front. Above the fish tank that occupies the center of the cart, the plants rest on a Lazy Susan mechanism. Tubes connected to the tank transfer water to the Lazy Susan to provide water to the plants; the water then drips down back into the tank to maintain a continuous cycle. By demonstrating the reuse of finite resources in food production, our project stands out as an environmentally friendly product.