The Living Wall: AQUAPONICS

Living Wall: Aquaponics

Kyle Banker and Kevin Brown
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Throughout the past decade, the creativity used in architecture has been spectacular, ranging from anything like the massively popular Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York to the stunning Absolute World structure in Toronto. What if these creations could be improved even further? The use of biological materials has rapidly increased during the 21st century due to its high efficiency and availability, and these materials could transform these landmarks to be more environmentally and economically beneficial. As a result, we decided to create the Living Wall: a bioreactor filled with diverse plants and foods. To grow these plants, we elected to use aquaponics: a method of transferring fish waste to grow plants. Through the use of this aquaponic system, the quality and naturality of the Nuvu environment improve greatly.

The Living Wall will provide NuVu students and coaches with a continuous water farming system that includes healthy and aesthetic foods such as water tomatoes and strawberries, which can be harvested to provide students organic school lunches. These foods are grown by using an aquaponic system in which fish waste is used to power plants with energy in a sustainable process. The hope with this project is that with the Living Wall, Nuvu will be taking a small step to becoming a healthier environment.