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Rachel Siegel

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Rachel Siegel and Chris Preller

Capoeira Presentation

Chris Preller

Capoeira is an art form that involves martial arts, dance, and music. The purpose of capoeira is not to hit, attack, and defeat your opponent, but rather maneuvering them into a position where you can trick or trap them. The game continues with constant flow and challenges the players to explore their strengths and their weaknesses.


In my game, Capoeira is met with a traditional arcade game and foosball. The game requires two players, and each player gets their own game piece. Each player tries to trap the other's game piece in the top board of the cube. The first person to do this 12 times wins. 

Capoeira Post 3

Chris Preller

Taekkyeon is a type of Korean martial art that is characterized by flowing and dynamic footwork. It uses your whole body and is done with one other opponent. The difference between Taekkyeon and Capoeira is that in Taekkyeon, you are actually objectable attacking your opponent.  

Capoeira Post 2

Chris Preller

1. What are the challenges the player(s) face? Capoeira movements are very easy to learn. However, creating a steady dialogue between you and the other player is when it becomes difficult.

2. What actions can they take to overcome those challenges? Once one learns the basics, practice makes perfect. Lots and lots of time practicing can help people perfect the game of Capoeira, "Jogo de dentro". 

3. What can players do to affect each other? The moves that each player does controls what the next move of the other player is. 

4. Is the game replayable many times without becoming "just the same" over and over? Yes. Capoeira has no limitations on the exact order of the moves of each player. Every game is different than the one before and after.

5. Is the game fair? Yes, the game is fair because each player is following the same rules. The only thing that wouldn't make it fair was if one player was far more experienced than the other. 

6. What is the "essence" of the game? (low level eg. skills, high level eg concepts-ideas) The purpose of capoeira is not to hit, attack, and defeat your opponent, but rather maneuvering them into a position where you can trick or trap them.

Write a 5-8 sentence paragraph on the CONTEXT of the game. Consider:

Game Designer (formal vs informal, public domain vs commercially produced, the latter usually goes for board games)
Game Genre - related games
Equipment involved
Socio-historical context

Capoeira is a martial art developed in the 1700s by slaves in Brazil. Parts of Capoeira were inherited from Africa with their aesthetics of movement and musical aspects. They slaves wanted to learn martial arts and hid it with dance so it would go unnoticed. Capoeira is all about rhythm, movement, and spontaneous flow. The music played during the game determines the pace and rhythm of the moves each player executes.