Smart Clothing Rack

Sami Sparrow

The idea for the Smart Closet was to make it easier and quicker to get ready in the morning. It is always frustrating when you look outside, put on a jacket, and go to school just for the weather to get a lot warmer. Now, you have a jacket that you do not need. The Smart Closet fixes that issue. Every morning, it checks the weather and then picks out an outfit that matches the temperature and chance of rain. For example, if it is cold and rainy, the Smart Closet will pick out a raincoat, jeans, and a long sleeve shirt. 

In the morning, the first thing the Smart Closet will do is find the weather. Once it gets that information, it will first find a top that matches the temperature and chance of precipitation. Then, it extends out of the closet and the user will take the clothes off the hanger. The robot will then retract into the closet, and repeat this process for a shirt and jacket, if applicable. 

There were two main parts to the Smart Closet: the robot and the track. The robot is the part that grabs the coathanger, and it moves across the track. The track holds the robot, but it also extends out of the closet once the outfit it picked by the robot. Another important part of this robot was the coding, specifically the decision engine. The clothing data is pre-programmed in the code. Each item has a range of temperature and chance of precipitation. The program will get the weather off the interent then feed that through the clothing data. The robot also knows if a shirt or bottom is taken and will not keep handing you tops when you already have one. 

Overall, this project was long and difficult with many challeneges but we are proud with the outcome.