Data-gathering Ocular Ground-based Extensible Robot


Sam Daitzman

The central tower of the telepresence robot is where the interactive features are attached: arms, screens and cameras can all attach to this central hub and connect down into the base of the robot where all of the processors, batteries and other miscellaneous electronics are housed. We separated electronics from interactive parts of the robot for increased system stability. One of the problems with the robot's predecessor was that it would often tip over because much of the weight was placed in the "head" of the robot. In this version stability (both literal and in software) is key.


Edward Colindres

The modular robot is meant to be controlled by a person as it interacts with the environment its in. The purpose of this robot is that it is modular so you can easily attach several more arms or take off the wheels if you want to. The servos in the arms and wheels can easily be controlled by a laptop that has been connected to it and the laser can also be activated by whoevers contolling the modular robtot.


Edward Colindres