Dylan Norris and Marco Fubini
  • First Slide general Context: Many Americans are living in small apartments like the one shown above, so cramped that its unlikly they will have space for any furniture, and if they do have furniture they have no space for activitys. 
  • third slide so our problem is to create a cheap versatile and storable  alternative to normal furniture, and our solution was to take a ottoman for Ikea and mutate the producaut to become  a foldable ottoman that connects to form two chairs a couch. 
  • Precedents. here you can see the Ikea ottoman named the P├ľANG, we liked this ottoman because of its slim frame which would lead to easy storage and its comfortable cushion, but sadly it had no back support and so we looked into chair (Switch Slides) Now at a chair we saw an obvious flaw, being that only one person could sit on it at a time. So we decided to  create a piece that would solve of these issues and still be cheap. 
  • Iterations 1. Our first iteration is a ottoman that when activated would have half of it raise up and be a chair back, we went away from this because we didn't want to have to cut into an existing ottoman, 
  • Iteration 2 was a wooden ottoman with foldable back flaps that came up from behind that would snap into place become the back of the chair. We didn't like it because of the way to bring the chair back up because our use of springs proved to be unwieldy
  • Iteration 3 Here we were looking into the connection piece between the ottomans to form the couch, we started with this simple piece here that would fit on the legs like a skirt and hold the legs in place.
  • Iteration 4. our final version of the leg connection was a latch system that would have two mounts on either chair and would be pinned together with a dowel. 
  • Construction diagram, This diagram can help outline the use of the drop leaf hinges and show what the chair will look like connected.
  • Use Diagram, her shows the motion of the hinges and what the ottoman will look like when it is the downward position.
  • Here are our final images Showing the ottomans when they need to be stored in chair form and in couch form.