The Brief

Tati Curran

My partner and i were thought of an idea to signal someone when they get a text while there charging there done. We thought of lights that turn different colors into a patter, an or an alarm that plays different music or a specific noise, but we thought there were already things like that. Then we had the idea of making it look like a snow globe but instead of using water we use wind from a fan. We also had the idea of being able to have a seasonal theme so we can have for winter snow, for spring flowers, and for fall leaves.  When the fan turns on the objects would fly in the container notifying that someone got a message.

We based our modal after an Ikea product which originally was a decor and made it useful. The way it works is the is a little shelf that fits the size of a phone next to whatever outlet that the person is using and the shelf senses the vibration. That way the person knows they need to respond to a notification. And also that a person wouldn’t have to listen to an annoying sound ever time they got a text or look at a blinking light.