computer model

Libby Pohl

Today Tina worked on the cardboard model while I worked on the online floor plans. I chose the layout of each room and patio and chose furniature and appliances. I arranged them in a way that made most sense and what opened up the rooms as much as possible because of the houses tiny size. 


Libby Pohl

Today we finished our model and made a toliot, a refridgerater, a bed and figured out the layout of the rooms. We took the measuements of real sizes of house hold furniture and divided it by 16 to make it to scale of our house. We also fugured out how the house would slide on the rails and how it would all fit together with the patio in the middle. We also figured out the dimensions of the different rooms inside. For the bathrrom, we decided we would have a curtain that would seperate the shower from the rest of the room. 

#3 blogpost McMansion

Libby Pohl

What: today we designed and sketched our idea on the Sims. We decided on using a 20 foot shipping container and splitting it in half so that they can slide in and out to expose a patio. On top we are doing the same thing. 

Why: We wanted to combine Tina and my ideas because they were both good ideas and we wanted a movable home that has a patio. 

How: We built boxes on Rhino and notched them together. We glue gunned them together. We laser cut too many boxes though.