Zenscape FInal

Jasmine Horowitz and 2 OthersGabe Murray
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Jasmine, Patrick, & Gabe


1 in 4 Gen Z respondents have reported feeling emotionally distressed. Tile Gen is a mobile video game that uses sounds and weather to make the user feel calm. Stress, anxiety, and mental health overall are a big part of a human's life. However, as humanity has progressed people have started to gain problems with their mental health.

    Tile Gen focuses on helping teenagers with stress and anxiety problems. When the user logs on they can explore a colorful or cozy world that extends on forever. During their journeys,they can meet NPCs(Non-Player Characters) who give them quests such as fishing or gathering apples. While completing these quests or adventuring sensors on the user's phone will use light and noise levels to change the music and weather. This changes the user's actual environment and helps them calm down by creating an entirely different world.


Zenscape is a calm procedurally generated game where one walks around discovering lakes and mountains. There will also be music triggered by the weather and will also depend on the noise level in real life. Zenscape is made to help people who have trouble being outside have an easier time by giving them sensory input so they don't have to listen to all the noise in the world. Zenscape is going to be a game to explore and calm the user down on places like the subway where it can be loud and you might need something to help you calm down. Zenscapes soundtrack was made specifically to help people calm down with serene and quiet music. Zenscape can also just be a game one plays at home if they just want a safe place to play around and be calm outside of the real world and their burdens.

Zenscape was made using unity for the game with models from Blender/Rino and coded in C#. Zenscape is currently built to be able to play on a computer or laptop but is not yet able to be played on phones or tablets. This is due to the movement for Zenscape using a keyboard and not being playable with a touch screen.

Jasmine Horowitz
Zenscape is a procedurally generated game meant to relax the user. Zenscape achieves this goal by including trees, lakes, and beautiful scenery. The project also includes a beautifully composed soundtrack that plays based on the weather and surroundings. The project can be played by anyone, on the go on their phone, in the comfort of their home setup, and even on the subway with no cell service. Zenscape had its music specially composed to relax the users. The music paired with the beautiful Generation Zenscape has the perfect formula for relaxation.

Zenscape gauges the loudness coming from your microphone and uses that in its code to influence the odds of what the weather will be. The game is controlled using WASD controls or a joystick. And the player can move in all dimensions. All the player has to do is walk around, and the game will handle the rest.