Making Progress

Justin Calka
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Today went very smoothly.  I was very happy about the progress we made; I did not think that we would get as far as we did.  First, we planned everything out.  We decided on using potentiometers and accelerometers for our sensors instead of pressure pads.  We also talked a little about how to mount them to the body.  We did a little of everything today, but we mainly focused on the body housing.  We 3D modeled it, and then cut it out in thick wood.  By the end of the day, we had all of the parts for one of the sides (not including the side covers).  Tomorrow, I think we will assemble it and also cut out the other side.  Dan is bringing in wheels that he has at home.  They have a ten inch diameter, so they might be too big, but we wanted to test them out before we ordered something.