Ethan Wood and Chase Ackerman
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            Every year approximately 360,000 people die by drowning, which is about 40 people a day. Most of these accidents happen due to kids under 14 or even adults swimming in areas that are hazardous or not appropriate for their swimming ability. Although most large public beaches do have lifeguard stands, it only takes about a minute for someone to drown. In rough waters, or choppy seas, a lifeguard in most situations would be unable to help a victim.

            Our solution to address the problem is our SafeBoat. In malls and many large public buildings, Segways are used to patrol an area. The equivalent vehicle for water would be our SafeBoat. This paddle board size boat would be cheap, portable and easy to control. Besides having lifeguards in stands, there would be additional lifeguards patrolling the beach on these boats. They would be totally electric to prevent gas fumes/pollution, and would serve the need for a few hours. In case of emergency, the lifeguard would be able to spot the victim quickly and move towards them. Then they would be able to throw a rope to the victim, or if necessary pull them on board if unconscious. In the front of the vehicle would also be a stretcher in case of an accident or an injury in the water. Once a victim is rescued they could then be driven onto the beach to an ambulance fast and easy.