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Our custom bicycle can be played while riding and while stationary. Using a combination of drums and horns, our bike achieves a unique sound and aesthetic. Our bike has two drums and two horns. One of the drums was one of Jackson’s drums. It has holes in the top with copper rivets to achieve a snare drum sound. The other drum is a jar that would probably be used for holding sugar or something like that. It resonates really well, and is able to produce a sound that is similar to a steel drum. The main horn on our bike is a bent metal tube that runs along the side of the bike, and is attached to a rubber hose that wraps around the handlebars. You can play this while riding if you are able to ride with one hand and pull the hose out of the holster. It sounds kind of like a train horn. The other horn is shorter and you can play by leaning forward. It is much lower and has a fog horn type of sound. We also have a lamp that we took the original wiring and light bulb mount out and replaced it with arduino powered LED’s. We have LED’s on the bottom as well.