Music Box Day 5

Jackson Wu
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It is getting down to crunch time, and we are rethinking our design for the music box itself. Our group tried a bunch of different designs today for the teeth. First we tried a laser-cut wooden plank with teeth measured out by the bar length website. It did not have enough resonance, so we scrapped it. We also tried to make teeth out of sheet metal, but sheet metal was of limited access, so we only had one piece of sheet metal. That piece was too thin, and the entire sheet resonated when one tooth was stuck, so that idea is not viable either. We ended up going with popsicle sticks, which I was hesitant about at first, but the sticks actually have a good sound. Tomorrow we need to build the box, the teeth, and the drum, but we have designs for all three, so it should not be impossible. 

For the drum (cylinder), we are back to the design of two caps on each end of the drum holding the drum to the axle.

One thing we did complete today was the gear mechanism for turning the music box; I'm really glad that works. It is inspiring to see something planned on paper a week ago in real life.