Process: Wiring

Process: Wiring

Jordan Bazmore

The Hexabot project was designed to test a new version of linear acuators built by our coaches Arron and Toomas.

The Hexabot has six legs with a linear actuator in each one them which allowed them to lift. Each linear actuator is connected to an arduino that is powered by a battery similar to a remote control car. The arduino was placed in the middle on the Hexabot while the wires to the linear actuators were put through small holes at the bottom of the Hexabot to keep them in order.

To make the legs rotate we used servos at the end of each leg attached to the base of the robot. The wires to the servos were also put through holes at the bottom of the robot to keep things in order.  

The hardest challenage was keeping everything working. once we fixed one prolem another issue we had to fix, rather the linear actuator breaking or a servo rotating in the wrong direction. However fixing each problem made us more aware of things that can go wrong which is a good thing.