Process - Party Favors

Process - Party Favors

Ajani Rudek

     When we were first assigned the duty of creating an object that provides the party with refreshments, we quickly agreed to somehow use the idea of creating a box that could both contribute to the party as far as lights and/or sound, as well as provide food and drinks.  After brainstorming on the first day, we decided that we wanted to create a type of cooler which would keep drinks cold and food fresh, and have speakers, lights, and possibly a mist/smoke machine attached to it.  After we discussed this idea with Sean and Ashley, we were told that our idea wasn't quite creative enough, and that too many of the aspects of the project could simply be ordered online rather than created by us (which is what they wanted).  

     While this response frusterated us, we decided to change our idea from a cooler to a box, so that we would have to lazer-cut each of the different parts of the box and fit them together, which would be followed by adding all the extra components (such as lights and speakers).  We also came up with the idea that the box could either fold into a table, or could hold a small table inside of it.  Before we began designing the box, we decided to search online for all of the objects that we would have to buy, and made a list of everything that we found that may be helpful.  Our next step was to begin using "Rhinoceros" to 2d-model all of the sides of the box, but we decided that we only needed at most two people to carry out this task, and that the other group member could begin working on another part of the project.  So, I decided to begin working on party favors that could be stored in the box.

     The first party favor that I had the idea of working on was an object similar to a glow-stick, which could be customized by the user, glow, and be worn as a necklace or a bracelet.  I decided that the best way to make this was to use LED strips, which could be completely lit up if colorful lights are lit on both sides of it.  In order to attach the batteries for the LEDs, the LEDs, and the LED strips to each other, I had to 3d-model a container that fit all of these components.  I measured the diameter of the circular batteries, the length of the LEDs, and the diameter of the LED strip, and put them into my 3d-model.  After printing, everything fit except for the batteries, and I learned that the 3d-printer prints holes slightly smaller than it is supposed to.  A couple attempts later, I finally printed a hole that perfectly fit the two batteries, as well as the LEDs and the LED strip.  I then 3d-modeled two dents in the container so that someone would be able to use a zip-tie, or another similar tool, to hold the two sides of the container together.

After I finished the glowing necklace/bracelet, I still had time to create to make one more party favor.  After brainstorming, I decided to make glowing badges that the partiers could wear.  I also noticed that all of the other groups had logos or other shapes that were regularly used in their designs, so I gathered each group's logo, and drew a logo for my group (the table that is held by our box).  Next, I 2d-modeled each logo in Rhinoceros, and lazer-cutted them using a material that allows light to travel through it, which made it light up when shined on by an LED.  I then twisted a wire around a part of the logo, and twisted it around an LED, and positioned the LED so that it shined on the logo, and it lit up.