Evan LaBelle

The Portable Party was more of an artistic piece that questioned why a party had to complicated to set up. We were inspired by a group of people who called themselves ddp. They had been trying to make a world wide dance party that could be setup in an instant. Our design is a box that can be opened with the press of a button which will start an LED, lift a disco ball, activate our “octopus arms”, and play our music. The top folded open, allowing for all of its components to activate.

There were many useful features that we were able to design. For example, the speakers could receive a radio transmission, or bluetooth so that it would be able to sync with local audio infrastructure. This allowed for it to be more usable in even the largest parties. The arms worked by a series of interlocking gear like pieces. The first gear was turned by a servo, which would result in the other joints moving as well. The final design was four arms that would wave about during the party as decorations. These were made of translucent acrylic that would bend the LED light in weird ways as it moved adding an interesting design and lighting effect. The interface of the party box could be a tablet, phone, or laptop. There is a built in stand if the dj wants to place their interface on the box, or it can be controlled remotely by a dj, or even the audience.