Abby Watt

This studio consisted of building many different prototypes and failing multiple times before we succeeded. Our group was the dj station and mainly focused on having a good sound system. The first prototype was an actual octopus that we would 3d print and each leg would be robotically controlled and do something different, a leg with a microphone for the karaoke machine, a disco ball that comes out of the head, etc. However, this was more creative than realistic. The design quickly changed to be an octopus inside of a box. It was inspired by the constraints of the box that our coaches provided to us. It was a box with two flaps that open and close for a top. Our design ended up being very similar to the box used for scaling in that it was a box with flaps that opened outward with two support triangles (one on each side) holding the flaps up to create a platform for an ipod/phone/ipad/computer to play the music. Inside of the box were speakers, a light, and a platform that was attached to a pulley system that would then move it up and down. On top of the platform was a disco ball and four octopus arms that had servos that would allow them to move up and down and dance to the music.

Overall, this project involved a lot of trial and error. For example, Scotty had to make a total of eight different prototypes for the octopus arms, before he was able to find the most efficient and functionable one. There also was a lot of designing in rhino, attempting at 3d printing it, finding something that doesn’t work or could work better, and then we adjusted our design in rhino and repeated the same process until satisfied.