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During this course, we were assigned to create a short science fiction film that was to be about two minutes long. We brainstormed with many different and varying ideas including, but not limited to, clones, robots, floating islands, overpopulation, world hunger, and drought. Our solution was to go much simpler, and do an alien farmer with his pet alpaca getting some water. 

Our project was about an alien farmer named Xee. He needed water to keep his farm running, so he went on a quest with his three eyed alpaca to find water. They leave, and then find a temple. The temple has a giant floating orb with two buttons on it. Xee presses a button, and it starts to rain. Everything is good, and Xee's family is happy because Xee can continue farming. In the process we used photoshop to create the characters and environments along with after effects to animate them.