What Makes a Good Daily Blog Post

What Makes a Good Daily Blog Post

Amit Nir

1. Each student is responsible for a minimum of one post for every day of studio except for the Thursday before the final presentation. Photographs for the post can be taken during the day however the post must be written after school.

These posts have two purposes, they will you help you to be more thoughtful about the design decisions you are making and they will be key to creating your process post for your final presentation.
The post should be at least 150 words long and include at least three images.

2. During the day, make a list in your sketchbook of key changes you make. or are thinking about making, to your project and why you made these changes.

Unity: every part of your design should work together toward the same purpose, concept or solution. With that in mind, how do the decisions you made today work within that goal?
Value Judgement: If you made a decision because you "liked" or "didn't like" something, we want you to "unpack" that and try to understand why you felt this way.

3. Discuss and show images of the iterations you made during the day, label the images in Illustrator with arrows and text to point out the differences between the iterations. In the text portion of your post, go into more detail about the changes you made between iterations and your thinking behind these changes.

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