Final Post

Derek Chai and Jonathan Hu

In a world where humans are no longer the apex predator and the common household spider has become a man-eating, giant, 10 ft. spider, humans have developed robots to help deal with this new threat. The spiders are noticeably smarter than before, and their extra strength and natural abilities make them extremely difficult to be killed off. In response, we created this scouting robot, codenamed the Spider-Bot, to clear paths and displace spiders.

Since spiders are attracted to bright, colorful, moving objects, this 6-legged automaton is equipped with bright LED lights strung along its head to attract the colossal spiders away from the route you are taking, clearing a safe path to travel through. This Spider Bot is remote controlled, and has a projectable camera mounted on its head so you can see where you're going and quickly adapt to new situations.

This Spider Bot has a simplistic design in which only two motors are used to make the spider do everything it has to. This is all programmed by the Arduino Uno, which is then controllable using a remote. The design uses linking interactions, making the spinning motor able to make the legs turn left and right, as well as up and down. This complex design allows for less motors and therefore less clutter, while still letting the spider keep all of its necessary functions. The design of the body, while giving it style points, gives it a lighter weight so that it can do thing easier.