Final Post

Cece (Ciarra) Duffy and Ryan Joy
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For an independent project we revisited an older project originally createdin the Montessori studio which CeCe was a part of. It was meant to be an interactive storage system that could serve as a space definer, storage, and learning tool for students. Our studio was inspired by montessori schools, and some of the main characteristics we wanted to incorporate were adaptability, multi-use, and intellectial stimulation. As the independent project week started we rethought the idea, so that the entire mechnism is now meant to be more of a toy than actual storage space. While objects can fit in the boxes, we took inspiration from other montessori toys such as object permanence boxes for the boxes on the carousel. Childeren can use each box on the carousel as its own object permanence box. Also, we wanted the shelf to be multi-use so that it could be used for entertainment and learning. The shelf can be moved by a hand crank so children would get the chance to work on fine moter skills, as well as problem solving skills.