Final Performance

Max Dadagian and 2 OthersTyler Morris
Micaela Pierce

For the final performance we played the video clips on the screen while Micaela and I narrated the video.  I played the sort of salesman and Micaela played a girl who uses the product, Kommon Cents, that we were advertiseing.  Each clip could be changed using the space bar of Bozzy's computer.  This gave me the ability to control the performance because I could regulate the speed, and I didn't have to rush.  Therefore, I had time to interact with Micaela and the audience.  The primary goal of this performance was comedy.  We knew that the best ways we would achieve that is through making the video funny and interacting with the audience in a funny manner.  Tyler was instrumental in making the video funny.  He played the character who was not using "Kommon Cents" and he essentially had to make a fool out of himself on camera.  We spent long hours working with Tyler on his facial expressions in the video and how we could make this character the funniest it could be. Tyler also had to enter the performance mid way as if he was late because he wasn't using "Kommon Cents" and he had to match the character of his live character to the one he played in the video.  Tyler did an amazing job at this task making the performance very funny.