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Sophia Thurau-Gray
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Our project was an instructional video on how to be dope. We interviewed about two dozen NuVu affiliates (students and teachers) with four questions:

1. What does "being dope" mean? 

2. Can you offer any concrete examples of dopeness? 

3. How can one become dope? 

4. Are you dope?

From there, we created supplementary material, like an interactive flowchart and a diagram showing the difference between Dope and Nope. The combination of interview and live performance demonstrates the evolution of our understanding of dopeness. The video's premise was for Sophia's and my character—students at VuNu, NuVu's sister school—to help Abbie's character in becoming dope, and it resulted in a deeper knowledge of our fellow students and the nuances of fitting in and being dope.