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Weliton Filho
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My project is based off of my astrological sign: Scorpio. My initial research was based off the constellation which relates to Scorpio. Scorpio was a giant scorpion who was asked to take down hunter Orion who wanted to kill all the animals on earth. Scorpio stung Orion to death and saved all the animals. Scorpio has a lot of positive character traits such as determined, powerful, emotional, passionate. A few negative character traits are: jealous, secretive, compulsive and recessive.

After researching Scorpio and reading multiple stories about people who are Scorpios, I came to a conclusion that a Scorpio (also myself) is a person made up of two completely different person. I realized that the Scorpio is one person on the outside and another person on the inside. i wanted to oncorporate both sides of Scorpio in my photographs.

In a short span of two weeks, I learned far more than I thought I was going to. I think that is because we were not only being lecturd about how cameras work and how to use them but our coach Dana sent us out to photograph and get the hang of it ourselves. I learned that a great deal of thought has to be put into each picture such as depth of field and rule of thirds. Depending on your surroundings you have to move the apperture up and down and you must compensate with also changing the shutter speed in the opposite direction. I learned about ISO and how the lower it is, the better the quality will be, also shooting RAW files rather than JPG also help when in Lightroom and Photoshop. I learned much more and I am excited to take pictures and show people I actually understand how to use a DSLR camera!

My initial idea was to combine two images into one image that would incorporate all characteristics of a scorpio. In this picture I would be facing off with both sides of myself; I would be a loving and caring person on one end and a "hitman" on the other.

My final idea was in many ways similar to my initial idea but I did not think it would completely show all characteristics. I decided to do some story telling using different images that would symbolize a characteristic. When I put all of those together, it would tell the story of a scorpio's life. Within this story my pictures told, I incorporated all aspects I learned such as composition, rule of thirds, and different types of lightning techniques to show different moods.