Richard Lourie and 3 OthersJasmin Breakstone
Noah Grunebaum
Sophie Basseches
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    Our design is a chair that can connect with other chairs, using magnetic flaps on the side to form a separate working or socializing space. Each chair will be very large so, even if there are many people around, you will still feel some privacy. 

    The design problem we were working with is that. at Nuvu, there is very little private space for having a conversation or working by yourself/with a group without distraction. At Nuvu, most of the time the space is very loud, making it hard to focus. This open environment is helpful when you are collaborating with others, but sometimes it is best to have a quiet space to get work done. This is where our chairs are essential: no matter the size of the working group, any number of these chairs can be put together, creating a somewhat secluded area for concentration without complete isolation.     

    Our project is important and useful because it will hopefully make NuVu an increasingly efficient environment. From work to even private conversations, our chairs serve the purpose.