Graeme Mills and Flora DiCara

The Magnetic Compression Glove Station was inspired by the space suit that a team of MIT graduates are working on called the BioSuit. The BioSuit uses mechanical compression to create atmospheric pressure instead of traditional gas compression. We worked on tackling the compression problem in regards to the hands. One of our original models included a flap with magnets in it that, when placed on top of the base glove, would become attracted to the magnets on the bottom of glove therefore creating a compression effect. This solved the problem in theory but we wanted to push the boundaries;we created a magnetic glove station using electro magnets. The user could put their hand in this station, turn the electro magnet off, and the magnet fabric on the top and bottom would attract to one another making a glove shape around your hand. (See process to know how it works). We additionally began to develop a 3d printed "fabric" that would function as the glove.

If we could go a step further, we would make a more flexible magnetic fabric to allow for a wider range of motion. Additionally, the dimensions of the individual triangles would be be made significantly smaller and customized to specifically fit a an individual's hand. Also, we would hope to make the height of the station adjustable to allow for a greater variation of hand sizes to comfortably fit inside. Additionally, this modification would allow for the fabric to be closer to the electromagnets-easing the "removal" process.