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   In space there is constant issues concerning pressure on the human body.  Without this constant pressure your body would malfunction.  Right now the solution for this is gas space suits.  However, with gas space suits mobility is decreased severely.  Mobility is especially decreased in the foot.  With the gas suits feet are unable to bend and move around.  So we decided to focus on various joints in the foot.  The joints included were the ankle and the ball of the foot.  In order to maintain pressure when the foot is moved we created hard rings which were 3-D printed.  We also created a band mechanism that would add pressure once the joint moved.

Iteration 1:  Iteration one just consisted of rings that connected together that would be placed on the joints.  However this helped with some areas of pressure but others were left out.

Iteration 2:  We were able to create a system of sliding plates out of the rings.  This allowed pressure to be added to the area that the rings did not cover.  

Iteration 3:  We added a Z-shaped figure in order to keep the whole system together.  This was our finally iteration.