Shivani Angappan
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The Final Packaging Set is meant to facilitate the packaging of donuts so that Union Square Donuts can expand their business to long-distance donut shipping. This set is the combined set of the shipping shell—the pizza box—and the insert layer, which is a layer of cardboard with the inserts etched and cut out so they can be readily folded. The layer of cardboard is not attached to the pizza box in any way, because it snugly fits into the bottom of the box. The removability of the insert layer helps transfer the insert layer to another box by the customer if desired, and also makes the pizza box reusable for other purposes (perhaps to hold an actual pizza!) The inserts are in a rectangular shape with half-hexagonal tabs and slots with double notches. These notches are meant to interlock when the inserts fold up out of the layer of cardboard. Each insert has flaps at the top that fold out in a flared manner, similar to a four-petal flower. The petals of the insert are pushed flat by the top lid of the box, and the ever-useful force of gravity. The shipping shell box is a simple cut-out of the pizza box, constructed similarly to Ben and Simon’s smaller to-go boxes, and optimized for shipping. The insert layer fits snugly into the bottom of the shipping shell.