Myles Lack-Zell

Our objective was to create illuminated coffee tables. These tables are different from any other because they are interactive and can bring people together. When the coffee tables are separate, they light up blue, but with each additional connection each coffee table makes, it displays a new color until it reaches its maximum 3 connections and cycles through the color wheel. Last trimester a different group began this project, but they were not able to finish. We have taken their project's basic foundations and redesigned it, fixing the creation's electronics as well. The original product had all of the electronics adhered to the sides by a double sided tape, while our redesign has an internal structure that has all the electronics hard-mounted to it. By doing this, we were able to eliminate the need for screws on the outside of the table to hold the sensors to the walls, making the outer design cleaner. The electronics are also removable now, so the product is more versatile. Our product is space efficient, electronically precise, structurally secure, and an overall more beautiful design.