How to Insert a Template into a Studio

Inserting A Template into a Studio

Templates are a powerful tool to quickly get a presentation up and running. Coaches can add Templates to their Studios, this allows students to use and add them to their posts. Head to the Template Hub and scroll to either My Templates or School Templates. Each section will have different content. My Templates consists of any templates you have saved from the Slide Editor. School Templates consists of templates that have been converted from My Templates and are made available to everyone. To turn a Template into School Template, click the gear next to the name in My Templates and click Make School Template

Note: Turning a Personal Template into a School Template will remove it from the My Template List.

To insert a template into a Studio, click on the gear next to any template in My Templates or School Templates and click Add to a Studio. A new dropdown will appear, click on the Text Box and type in the name of your studio. When your studio appears, click it to add it to the list. A template can be added to multiple studios at once, simply type another studio name after you're done adding the other. Once you're done, click the Add button. Whenever a presentation is created in that Studio, that template will be available to insert. 

Note: School Templates are unique per School.