Setting up project folders for Students

Project Folders 

This guide will give Coaches and Teachers insight into how to create project folders for their students. Following this guide will get you set up with folders for your students to post and record their work in.

  1. Start by opening up your studio and heading to the Project Tab 
  2. Click on the Create a Project section and begin typing. This will be the name of the project. When you're done naming your project hit the enter key and a folder will appear. Example Project Name: the name of the students in the group. 
  3. Once the folder is created, click on it to open the folder. On the far right of the screen, click on the two people icon. This is the collaboration screen. From here we can add students to their projects. Under the Students section, clicking on a users' icon will add them to a studio. Clicking their icon again will remove them from the project. 
  4. You're done! Once you add students to their respective projects, they will be able to post and document their work. You should see a "By: Student Name Here" section below the name of the project. This means you've successfully added your students to their projects.