Clara Lloret


The project is about a necklace with different cologne pots inside it. These will contain a different fragment each.

The idea is that the smells that are in the pots are of a specific memory or sensation. It has been proven that smells make you remember and transport you in some way to the place where you smelled that aroma, so when you put one of the scents on it, it will be to remember or feel something again.

The necklace can be very helpful to people who are having a hard time and want to be able to remember what it was like to be happy to move on ... Everything and what I know, it can be used for many other things, such as to help remember people with , for example alzeimer.

The materials I have used to make this example of a souvenir necklace is mostly wood. This has been custom cut and designed to fit. To simulate the different cologne bottles I have used different colored straws to simulate the different essences.