What are the different File Formats and how should I be uploading them?


With so many upload options and buttons, it often gets confusing on what to upload and where. This post will serve as an introduction to what file formats we support and where to upload. Images, Embeds and Files are all covered in this post. 

Image Formats
Our website supports JPEG, PNG and GIFs. This includes uploading via the Media button or directly in the Slide Editor. These main three formats should encompass all file types that our users will be using. If there are file formats that you wish to have added, please contact us at support@nuvustudio.org.

Content that needs to be shared from another site is best added to our website via embeds. Embedding content is most useful when adding content to your presentation such as: Youtube or Vimeo videos and Google Docs. Youtube or Vimeo videos will appear as an embedded video, ready to click and watch. Google Docs will appear as an embedded document. You'll be able to scroll through it, but not edit. Make sure your Google Doc link is set to public viewing before embedding it or it will not appear. 

Attaching a File

Rhino, Illustrator, Unity or other files that need to be uploaded and shared within a studio should be attached. This allows other users to quickly download content you want to share.